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~ Came to us seeking assistance – he was let go from his employer in Feb 2020. Employer (MedMen). Let him go preemptively because he was immunocompromised with Chron’s disease.
~ Dax’s application seemed to be going fine, but a few months later he was informed that he had been put into ID Verification. This means there was a complete hold put on his account, and that he would not be paid until this hold was removed.
~ We worked with Dax to prepare his documents so that he could provide the correct verification, and those were sent in shortly after he received his ID Verification notice.
~ But then, Dax got a letter saying that his documents were rejected.
~ We realized that his birthdate on his Driver’s License had been wrong since he was a teenager.
~ The discrepancy between his DL and his application birthdate, which was his real birthdate, likely caused the ID Verification department to reject his submissions, since we understand that the EDD works directly with the DMV to verify claimant information.
~ At this point we gave guidance to Dax on how to get a replacement Drivers License and correct the information.
~ We also assisted Dax in using VitalChek to request a replacement birth certificate, so that he could prove his actual birthdate.
~ In the meantime, we provided Dax with a no interest forgivable loan, so that he could become food secure and pay his vital utilities, especially electricity.
~ The Relief Consultants then wrote an appeal and submitted to the appeals office.
~ Months later, we received a hearing docket to represent Dax in front of an administrative law judge.
~ On the date of the hearing, we found out that the issue at hand for the hearing was an ID disqualification from 2010.
~ Upon speaking with the EDD, we were informed that this was likely a mistake, and in fact the 2020 disqualification should have been present on the hearing.
~ We worked with Dax to submit a board appeal to the CUIAB.
~ In addition, we submitted an additional DE-1000M (EDD Appeal), referencing the mistake, and including Dax’s ID documents for what seemed like the fifth time.

On January, 19th 2021, Dax received his benefit card with $16,000.

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Nelson, Painter in Nevada, lost his income, we helped him get $7,800 funded into his account within 48 hours.

Adam, Truck Driver, stopped getting loads to deliver. Less than a 1 hour consultation: Got him approved for over $5,000 as a lump sum, arrived in his account within 2 business days.

Megan, we helped her and her daughter fight for their rights: after weeks of back and forth with gov't agencies telling them that they don't qualify: We helped her get a total of over $14,000 in relief money.

Chris, owns an auto glass company in PA, lost a significant amount of business. We got him $1,172 per week going forward!

Brad, was sent home from his full time job, tried becoming an uber driver, but barely made any money. We got him approved for $1,050 a week going forward. “Meeting you was my lucky day!”

Kam, English Tutor, Illinois. Got stuck in South Korea during lockdown, but we still got him approved for a $5,000 lump sum, and $950 per week going forward!

Madyson, OH, warehouse worker, 19 years old. She had symptoms, got diagnosed, and was sent home from work. She tried applying for relief programs, but made mistakes on her application: They rejected her claim. She booked a call with us, we got her taken care of: Turned it around and got her $4,470 lump sum, and $745 per week going forward.

Billy, Independent Contractor in San Diego, Remodels homes. Hasn’t worked since March. Got him exactly $3,000 as a lump sum, and $936 per week going forward.

Vittorio, immigrated from Italy 20 years ago. He's a server at an authentic Italian restaurant in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Got him approved for $2,068 as a lump sum, with $1,034 weekly payments going forward.

Edward, Lyft Driver, lost all of his income. In less than an hour, we got him approved for $800 per week for several months!

Abraham and Ismoil, both are Truck Drivers, they stopped getting loads to deliver. We helped them both get approved for almost $5,000 each as lump sum.

Sherif, security guard, got sent home from work, lost income, lost home, become homeless. He booked a call with us: we got him approved for a Lump Sum of $6,267 and now gets $767 per week going forward.

Jamie was selling his Art in Santa Cruz, but people stopped buying it due to the economy. He tried selling it on the streets to passerby's, but policeman told him to stop. Got him $1,336 and $6,136 in lump sum payments, with $760 in weekly payments going forward. He referred his friend Carly this week so we could help her, too.

Matt, a stage-hand in KT, he filed his claim, but it got canceled by the gov't. We stepped in to help: Got it all fixed for him: He gets $822 in weekly payments arriving this Thursday. And now we’re going to fight for him to get his lump sum payment; the relief program authority said he “wasn’t eligible” for a lump sum payment. We believe he deserves it, so we’re fighting for him.

Kenneth, Security Guard, laid off. He tried applying for programs himself, but due to a mistake, his claim got stuck. We spoke with the authorities for him, and within 24 hours, we got them to release the funds: He got funded! $2,080 as a lump sum, with over $1,000 per week going forward.

Today: Jack had his consultation, he was supposed to start a new job soon, but his offer got pulled last minute due to the economy. We got him qualified today!

A client’s Grandfather was the pastor of a church, who got diagnosed, and unfortunately passed away. His family, and community, was devastated. In additional to the emotional and spiritual loss: The grandfather was legally the head of their household, and he supported his entire family: We’re in the process of getting their entire family relief funds, today!


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